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Best quality yoga mats made of reinforced rubber to provide a good grip. Mats 172 x 61 x 0.35 cm  Price - 90 NIS.

Incense – made in India, with delightful smell, made of only natural components. We have a large variety of a great incenses, incense boxes and holders!

In Stock !

Helpful products for yogic hygiene - Neti Pot, Neti Sutra, tongue cleaner.

In Stock!


Learning Stuff




DVD : Kali Ray Tri-Yoga Basic Level series. 5 DVD's .

Andre Lappa (Ukraine) - Yoga Practice charts and posters, "Dance of Shiva" learning software program, Practice and Lectures video cassettes.

also, books, posters and more video...

For orders and info please call 04-6372323 (+972-4-6372323)

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